Self Portrait of Depression

Today I decided to do some drawing. Apart from the doodles that I do while I’m on long phone calls or in the margins of notebooks, I haven’t drawn properly since I was in art lessons at school aged about 14. I am NOT an artist! But I ended up with a self-portrait depicting my depression. Somehow it has felt therapeutic to get all the feelings in my head out on paper-I guess that’s why people do art therapy.

I feel a little exposed to share it here (like I said, I’m far from being an artist), but I know seeing other people’s art-whether it is drawing, writing or poetry has made me feel less alone- so maybe this will help someone too. 




One thought on “Self Portrait of Depression

  1. I think it’s a beautiful form of expression. I don’t know what I would do without my doodle time. I like the dichotomy that you have created. The words you have written are negative, but the portrait is smiling and the background is colourful. It’s like the words are where you are and the smile and colour are where you want to be, but there is a disconnect between the two states. You can’t get from one to the other. I can completely relate to that.

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