I’ve lost my job to Mental Health

I can’t share a huge amount on here about my  job due to confidentiality and anonymity. However tomorrow I will officially lose my job because of my mental health. Whilst I know it is the best thing for both them and for me, I’m gutted. So much of my self worth was tied to working, and knowing I won’t be returning to a job I used to love is hard to accept. I feel like I’ve failed myself and my daughter. On the other hand I know that it allows me to fully concentrate on “getting well” as opposed to just fit for work. I know that it will be one less thing to be stressed about. I also know it will give me a fresh start when I am finally ready to go back to work. 

However, I can’t pretend that finally signing away my job won’t be one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. I will mourn the loss in much the same way as I have mourned the loss of my former relationship-I will cry, get upset, get cross, feel hurt, and (hopefully) finally accept it and move on. I just have to hope that eventually it will work out for the best.