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Good luck #BlackDogRunner


Anyone who follows me on twitter or reads my blog knows that I have been supporting my good friend #BlackDogRunner who is running the Great North Run.

Well the day has come!! And he will be running 13.1 miles looking like this….


It’s my little one’s 4th birthday so instead of cheering him on in front of the TV, I will be spending the day with an over excited child who is pumped up on sugar and who has probably been very spoilt with presents, and hosting a soft play party for 20 kids ….Arghhhhh!
However despite this I will be thinking of my favourite dog running for Mind, and my way of cheering him on is writing this blog post.

I am very proud of him as not only has he trained for a half marathon while suffering from Depression and fatigue, but he has also been working, doing his PhD, stigma fighting on his twitter feed and blog, and still supporting his friends (like me) .

So given that his #NumberOneFan Is not there to cheer him on I’d love for anyone reading this to support him for me, so whether you are there or just watching on TV please look out for the Dog and give him a wave if you see him, as I know he’ll appreciate the support. And if you can afford it and you haven’t already done so it would be great for you to sponsor him too. It’s a great cause!



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