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I want to run away

I want to run away ….no really I do!

My life right now isn’t what I want, and I want to escape from it.

I see coverage of “missing people” in the media and I feel a bizarre kind of jealousy. I know that’s not “normal”. I am also not naive enough to think that those people are out there living happy and fulfilled lives. In fact, I’m sure many of those “missing people” are likely to be living the opposite to that, if in fact they are still living at all.

I guess I want to live the fairy tale version, where I leave the life that I’m in and get to create a new one from scratch without any of the complications and baggage I feel I have now. Where I get to be a new person. Where I get to re-invent myself. I dream of living by the sea. Of doing a less stressful job, yet being able to pay the bills. I even dream about the fairy-tale ending-the happily ever after.

The reality is that many of the “complications” and “baggage” are in my head. So I guess running away wouldn’t work anyway.


One thought on “I want to run away

  1. I ran away to the seaside to escape all the huddle, bustle & stress. Best thing I ever did. Think hard what you want in life and a simple life is so much better in the long term

    Wishing you luck in finding peace in your life. It really is so refreshing & has such a positive effect on your long term happiness.

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